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The Talent Behind The Technology

As a business leader, you simply can’t wait until something catastrophic happens; the time to address cyber security is here. ECCO encourages every business to build a team of trusted partners, both internal and external advisors, to stay abreast of new technology developments and changing legislation.

Traditional and emerging access points to systems and data threaten every organization, and any compromise to security and privacy can cost you customers, destroy your brand and cause significant financial impact.

ECCO Select’s security consultants can help you understand and remediate threats and privacy concerns. We provide a cross-functional team with years of experience in security assessment and remediation. Our solutions feature security domain and project management experts who work across an organization, identifying and remediating immediate issues and preparing a sustainable ongoing security program.

Security Services

ECCO Select maps the security framework into Standard Security Pillars. Utilizing this framework, ECCO Select offers solutions across the spectrum or targeted to specific pillars within the solution to meet your documented needs. The framework also maps to areas within an organization typically responsible for, or affected by, these pillars of security. Upon defining the pillars that need to be addressed, ECCO Select designs a plan that identifies resources needed, addresses remediation goals, and meets or exceeds standards for regulatory and industry compliance within each area.


Small Businesses Need Cyber Security, Too

Hackers generally follow the money, and small businesses can be very attractive for many reasons. First, many start-ups and small businesses still maintain a treasure trove of credit card information and other customer identifiers that can lead to big money. Second, many small businesses act as third-party vendors for other large firms, which can be an easy pathway to even bigger chunks of lucrative data. In addition, small businesses are increasingly using mobile and Web apps to deliver their products and services, but added security for these delivery methods are often overlooked by busy business owners. And small businesses often postpone implementing any security measures, so they become the low-hanging fruit of cyber thefts. We’re now in a new world where information equals power, and no business – especially not your small business – should take the risk.

Proven Methods

The team follows a defined and proven security remediation methodology developed to provide immediate improvement and a sustainable solution. Our approach includes full documentation of any procedural changes or systems put in place so individuals can continue to maintain and update systems at a later date. Security Assessment and Management is designed as a phased process, with each phase building upon the preceding work to create a cohesive security platform.

To harness the power of our people to enhance the power of technology for our clients.

Our Mission
  • ISO 20000-1:2018
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • Women's Business Enterprise National Council
  • Washington Technology Fast 50 2014
  • GSA Stars III
  • CIO-SP3 SB
  • Women Owned Small Business
  • CMMI DEV 3
  • FAA EFast