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ECCO Select Gold Tier Partner Certification with Datadog

ECCO Select is thrilled to be a Sales and Services – Gold Tier Partner with Datadog.
Datadog’s monitoring and security platform helps federal, state, and local governments accelerate cloud migration and deliver digital services to citizens.

  • Datadog is authorized at the FedRAMP Moderate-Impact level to support government agencies migrating to the cloud.
  • ECCO Select leverages Datadog as a monitoring and analytics platform to help customers improve observability of their critical infrastructure and applications.
  • ECCO Select customers have insight into all systems, environments, and applications in one place, allowing the organization to gather performance metrics and important events for all resources.
  • Datadog integrations combine all the metrics and logs from an organization’s infrastructure and gain insights into the unified system—to see pieces individually, and how individual components impact the whole.
  • Multi-tenancy support provides cost efficient capabilities to provision multiple customers or organizations using a single deployment of Datadog, and each tenant can access only the data that they are authorized to use/

ECCO Select Enterprise Observability Managed Service

ECCO Select is thrilled to be a Sales and Services – Gold Tier Partner with Datadog.
Datadog’s monitoring and security platform helps federal, state, and local governments accelerate cloud migration and deliver digital services to citizens.

  • ECCO Select’s Enterprise Observability Managed service provides holistic visibility into all service interactions and real-time, customizable alerts for service disruptions or customer service-impacting events.
  • We implement best-of-breed monitoring that works for various cases and understands that one solution does not fit all customer requirements.
  • ECCO Select is experienced in offering and supporting standard and customized monitoring and observability solutions catered to the customer’s environments (on-premises, hybrid, cloud-based), resources (physical/virtual servers, containers), applications (open source, proprietary, COTS), and business needs.
  • ECCO Select’s Enterprise Observability Service Model is categorized into three levels:
    • Base Infrastructure monitoring (host availability and CPU/RAM/disk utilization).
    • Application availability monitoring.
    • Application performance monitoring.
  • Combining multiple offerings provides deeper insight into the health of on-premises and cloud-based resources and applications.

Base Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Host Monitoring: Centralized monitoring of physical/virtual hosts, containers, and services, as well as serverless functions
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Monitoring of SNMP-enabled network devices specifically to show health and status.
  • Log Collection & Analysis – Ingest, process, view in real time, and
    archive logs from any source.

Application Availability Monitoring (AAM)

  • API Testing: Proactively monitor endpoints, web-based services, and different network layers involved in an application.
  • SSL Certificate Checks: Proactively monitor expiration of SSL/
    TLS certificates to ensure secure connections between critical services and users.
  • Browser Testing: Execute one or more steps on web applications,
    verifying that users can perform key business transactions without any slowness or errors.

Monitoring of an application’s availability using Datadog Synthetics to simulate user requests and browser rendering to help ensure uptime, identify regional issues, and track application performance.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

End-to-end distributed tracing and always-on production code profiling allows for optimalization of code performance with minimal overhead. Possibilities include navigating directly from investigating a slow trace to identifying the specific line of code causing performance bottlenecks with code hotspots.

Customized solution offerings apply to custom monitors, metrics, events, and visualizations for all the categories above. Work with us to correctly identify the level of monitoring and analysis needed to meet your service level agreements/objectives (SLAs & SLOs).

  • APM: Distributed traces seamlessly correlate to browser sessions, logs, profiles, synthetic checks, network, processes, and infrastructure metrics across hosts, containers, proxies, and serverless functions.
  • Real User Monitoring (RUM): Measure the end-to-end experience of web and mobile applications from your users’ perspective.
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