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ECCO Select Earns Multiple ISO Certifications

ECCO Select now holds active ISO 9000, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001 certifications.

ECCO Select is a fast-growing business headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri and specializes in commercial and federal IT Services, Consulting, and Talent Acquisition. Recognizing the need to standardize processes and systems to provide the best possible service to our customers, ECCO Select sought the widely recognized International Standards Organization certifications in Quality Management (QMS, ISO 9001), Service Management (SMS, ISO 20000-1) and Information Security Management Services (ISMS, ISO 27001). These standards will ensure that ECCO Select’s back-office operations are high quality, as well as reliable; to increase productivity and security, thereby ensuring a higher degree of mission success and customer satisfaction.

ECCO Select is committed to delivering the highest possible level of service in all that we do to benefit our valued clients. ECCO Select’s holistic Quality Management System (QMS) ensures client satisfaction by standardizing the operational aspects of the business. In support of government and commercial clients, ECCO Select’s QMS provides technical solutions and support services utilizing standardized business processes and management oversight to ensure our clients receive best in class program deliverables and successful project execution.

ECCO Select is widely known for being the Talent Behind the Technology. This is demonstrated by our continued commitment to our Service Management System and our methodologies for fulfilling that pledge. Our customers rely on dependable and measurable solutions that are delivered on time, every time. Tasks are completed successfully; milestones are met; costs are controlled, and; projects are completed successfully.

ECCO Select recognizes the dangers of improperly or unprotected information in our Digital Age, and ensuring the security of client privacy, intellectual property and personally identifiable information is not negotiable. Our ISMS is an in-depth methodology, supported by applicable controls, policies, processes, risk assessments, organizational structures, and technologies. ECCO Select utilizes an all-inclusive, systematic approach to managing confidential company and customer information, so that it remains protected and secured.

ECCO Select is proud of the 25+ years of dedicated service we have provided to our commercial and federal clients. The future will bring a wealth of new technologies, systematic changes, and challenges in which information technology is delivered. These three management systems will be the well-spring from which our unwavering operational services flow.

ISO 20000-1:2018
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 27001:2013