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ECCO Select / KC Tech Council Provide Insight – TECH Checkpoint



ECCO Select / KC Tech Council Provide Insight – TECH Checkpoint 

Beginning in September 2018, the KC Tech Council began providing data on job postings and the hiring trends for the KC area.  KC Tech Council has partnered with ECCO Select to provide not only quantitative but also qualitative insight into the tech job market for KC each month. 

The job market data shows month to month variations of top positions, certifications, skills, and the top hiring organizations.  ECCO Select provides additional insight on key trends to consider as a potential manager looking to fill positions now or as strategic plans are developed what to keep in mind. 

Click the following link to see the December 2018 TECH CHECKPOINT newsletter with a year-end message from ECCO Select’s CEO, Jeanette Prenger.  KC Tech Council_Dec 2018 TECH CHECKPOINT. 

Should you want to start receiving this monthly newsletter, please visit to sign up.  If you  would like to talk with an ECCO Select account managers regarding any IT tech positions you may need assistance with now or in the future, please email or call 888.567.3226.