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Chris Hernandez Joins ECCO Select Team as Executive Vice President, Strategy and Operations

ECCO Select is pleased to announce that Chris Hernandez will be joining the ECCO Select team on July 11th as the company’s Executive Vice President, Strategy and Operations. The new role has been implemented due to sustained company growth and will usher in a commitment to advancing our talent management, human resources, and strategic development initiatives.

Chris is coming to ECCO Select after spending more than twenty years in various industries. He served in senior executive roles at strong local companies like UMB Financial, but also spent time on both coasts working for global companies, like Intel and Santander Bank.

“[Chris’] experience is broad and impressive,” shared ECCO Select President & COO, Darren Prenger. “He will bring a strategic leadership perspective to the organization that we believe will complement our hard-charging, growth-oriented culture. He carries a strong passion for all things people, combined with an analytical and pragmatic style.”

Chris received his Master of Business Administration degree from Penn State University in 2005 and completed his undergraduate education at Kansas State University prior to that. He is returning to the Kansas City area after spending several years in Dallas with Santander.

ECCO Select provides people, process, and technology solutions for a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors. We are a talent acquisition + advisory consulting company, and the talent behind the technology.