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Ask the Expert: Marketing Yourself on LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn? If you’re not, you should be! LinkedIn is the top tool that recruiters use when sourcing new talent, but having a presence on the site is just the first step. There are over 66 million users on LinkedIn. How can you be sure that you profile isn’t getting lost in the shuffle?Autumn Sauer, Marketing Manager at ECCO Select, is sharing her advice on how to market yourself on LinkedIn. Keep reading for her top tips!Ask the Expert - LinkedIn Marketing Article 1

Q: What should I be listing on my LinkedIn profile?

A: Think of your LinkedIn profile as your portfolio. Yes, it should reflect what’s listed in your resume, but with features that allow you share links, files, and plenty of information, why not make this a more interactive experience. Give your connections, peers, and potential employers the full picture.

It goes back to the idea that in good writing you show rather than tell. Utilize concrete examples, collateral, and metrics whenever you can. A list of skills is helpful, but items that illustrate value and personality will take your profile to the next level.

Q: How often should I be updating my profile?

A: As often as you can, but at least reviewing it once every quarter. Even if you’re not actively looking for a job, keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is important for several reasons. You never know who will come across your profile; whether it’s a new professional connection or a recruiter, keeping your information (especially current employer, job title, “Open To” status) current can really determine whose searches you’re appearing in.

Bonus tip: If you want to boost the number of searches you appear in or better align them with your desired jobs, industries, etc., optimize your profile for the recruiter search. More information on how to do that here.

Q: Any tips when it comes to profile photos?

A: First of all, please include a profile picture on your account. It lends credibility and identifiability to your profile, plus it humanizes you! I’d advise against using a photo taken randomly or with other people. Usually, others can tell if you pulled a photo from your friend’s wedding and cropped out the bride. If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in a professional headshot, you can get

something pretty close with an iPhone and some quality lighting. Dress professionally, grab a friend or tripod (no selfies if you can help it), and find a spot with a subdued background and natural light– viola! You have a great photo for your LinkedIn.

Q: How often should I be posting on LinkedIn?

A: Career milestones are always a great time to post on LinkedIn. Did you get a new job or promotion, accomplish a huge project, or earn a new degree/certification? SHARE IT! It’s okay to brag on yourself a little bit. Updating your profile is important, but if you really want to make your network aware, make a post as well.

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: If you’re serious about finding a new position, it may be worth investing in LinkedIn Premium. Leverage all of the data you can on connections and companies looking at your profile and other job applicants. Our recruiting team utilizes LinkedIn for a lot of their efforts– connect with them! If a job comes across their desk that you’re a good fit for, they’ll be in touch.

If you’re interested in working with ECCO Select’s talented team of recruiters, submit your resume to or visit the Career page on our website. You can also follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with all things ECCO Select.