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Our CEO’s COVID-19 Statement

Addressing COVID-19

As I reflect over the past few months and, specifically, on how we ended 2019 with great enthusiasm and then welcomed the roaring 20’s as a decade full of promise, I’m overwhelmed with the change in our environment. I, as well as the rest of the world, never anticipated the drastic change of events that have taken place. We’ve had several great years enjoying a strong economy, as well as positive financial outlooks predicting continuous growth. Which in turn, has led us into one of the most optimistic New Year’s that we’ve experienced.

Today, we are challenged with continuing business as usual during a very disruptive period in the history of our country. As a leader of a company that survived 9/11, there were lessons learned from that catastrophe that are guiding us during these unsettling times. We are very cognizant of the toll this disease is taking. Not just physically, but also mentally and financially.  Our hearts and prayers are going out to everyone who is impacted by this pandemic.

ECCO Select is working hard with our client partners and our associates to be productive and supportive. We continue to assess and apply federal and state policies and mandates to support businesses and associates nationwide. Our highest priority is the safety of our people and clients. Please continue to utilize best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Let’s stay apart to stay together!

God bless.