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Netflix Parental Leave Policy Creates a Stir

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Netflix’s new parental leave policy just kicked off an arms race in corporate benefits for highly competitive industries like technology and entertainment.

KCTV 5 logoNetflix plans to offer new parents, whether man or woman, a year of leave. This includes adoptions.

Hours after Netflix announced its new eye-catching policy, Microsoft announced its parental leave policy – 12 weeks fully paid time off for mothers and fathers.

Jeanette Prenger owns Kansas City based ECCO Select, a global technology solutions company of 300 employees.

“A big concern is how much time can you take away from the workplace because if you take so much time away you feel replaceable,” Prenger said.

Prenger worked climbed the corporate ladder as a mom of two before starting her own business nearly two decades ago.  She says Netflix’s parental leave policy which covers moms and dads is a necessary tool in attracting long-term talent in a competitive workforce.

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